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Born May 21, 1964. He's currently living in Moscow (Russia) and works as an independant photo reporter and photographer on special projects. He's also the author of the photography course for the superior school of television 'MGU'.


Photo reportage, portrait, travel-photo, street-photo, industrial photography, commercial photography and studio photography.


Various publishing houses, corporations, "Russian 2 foreign", "mass communication medias", important worldwide agencies and individuals.


"Silver camera" of the Moscow's house of photography, "Interpressphoto" prize, "Union of reporters of the USSR" reward.


Pavel KASSIN has already worked more than 25 years as a political photo journalist.

Since 1988, he covered all the major political events for the Russian and western newspapers ("Der Spiegel", "Le Monde", "Stern", "Toronto Star", "Kommersant", "Moscow news", "Political class")

From 1990 to 2008, he was the accredited photo-reporter in Russia for the weekly newspaper "Der Spiegel".

He also worked as war photographer on the hot spots of the former USSR and actual Russia: "Osh events" (Ferghana Valley); The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict / Sumgait, Baku, Karabakh; Georgian-Abkhazian and Ossetian conflicts; Chechen companies; Kosovo (Balkans), Afghanistan, Abkhazian events, terrorist attacks in Budennovsk, Pervomaisk, Beslan and Moscow.

We can find in his old pictures some portraits of famous people, politicians, scientists, people from the intelligentsia, but also social and political reportages made in Russia and abroad.

Performing in different types of photography, Pavel KASSIN is able to make picturesque views of nature, portraits, street subjects, fashion pictures, still life pictures, capture "the chic of tourism" and industrial art pictures.

Publishing projects

Among his "publishing projects" : "Russian porcelain", "Tule", the trilogy of photo-albums about "A.S. Puchkin" ("Mikhailovskoe", "Boldino", "Childhood") for OAO Gazprom.


Pavel KASSIN showed his work in different exhibitions: Lausanne, modern art museum of Zurich (Switzerland); Berlin (former East Germany); Warsaw, Gdańsk (Poland); "Visa" at Perpignan (France); "photo-festival of Naarden", Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Toronto (Canada); museum of photographs in Moscow (Russia).